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Saturday – March 21st

The forecast calls for cold temps but no rain. So, we are going to follow through with our plan to run in Cuyahoga Valley National park. We will be meeting at 10:30am in the Pine Hollow parking lot (5465 Quick Road Peninsula Oh, 44264) to get in a brief warmup and get running/rucking!

Several trails of varied difficulty are accessible from that point and we will be able to spread out nicely. To be clear, this isn’t intended to be a “group run” where you are close enough to talk with people. We will ask everyone to allow some space and find their own pace to work at. We are simply providing some structure to help you all get outside and get moving!

Don’t worry about being too slow! Some of these trails are quite tough and we will all be breaking in our spring running legs after a long winter of without the miles. Everyone is welcome regardless of their speed!

There will likely be some mud, so wear shoes with traction if you have them and bring a towel and some fresh shoes and socks for your drive home!

Tuesday – March 17th

9am – 3pm CrossFit CLE will have our doors open so you can come in and borrow some gear to use while our group classes are on hold. Each member will have the opportunity to take 1 plate and a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell.


Monday – March 16th

The gym is closed but here is a workout that I guarantee you will help relieve some stress and get your heart rate rocking!

We will have some hours open Tuesday for you to stop in and grab some gear to use while we let this one settle out.

2 rounds:
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds situps
30 seconds air squat
30 seconds pushup

10 passthrough (use a broomstick, rope, belt or extension cord)
10 sumo foldover (hold 3 seconds top and bottom)
10 around the worlds in an active squat
10 glute bridges (slow lowers)

Spend some time stretching and loosening shoulders and hips (doorways and a lacrosse ball go a long way!)

4 superset rounds on a 3 minute clock:
6 10 second pushup (5 seconds lowering and 5 seconds raising)
5 single leg glute bridges each leg (quick raise, slow lower)
*Focus on control and positions, moving slower will make things harder.

Alternating Death By:
3 air squat
3 situp
*Once you fail one movement, continue the other until you fail there as well.
**This workout should take between 12 and 18 minutes for most people. Be ready to do quick reps if you want to keep this one going!