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Thursday – January 5th

Say hello to Brandon! He just recently joined our community, and you might see him around moving some serious weight!

7 superset rounds on a 2 minute clock:
5 strict pullup (add weight if needed)
30 second handstand hold (work on finding balance)

4 rounds:
3 minutes at 25-30 SPM
2 minutes at 30-35 SPM
1 minute over 35 SPM
* Work on keeping consistent power output through each work period.


Wednesday – January 4th

Jed staying focused through the 40 box jump overs.

Sumo deadlift 7×5 on a 2 minute clock
*Start at 65% of 1RM deadlift, ascend to a 5RM.

5 rounds for time:
10 handstand pushup
50 double under
20 GHD situp
*Handstand pushups start on a standard pad. Increase difficulty by adding a deficit each round of #15/10 plates.


Over The Top

Are you fired up about a new year of training gains!?

Well, Coach Phil will be writing some supplemental work that you can dive into to improve your fitness. This supplemental work is designed to work with the existing CrossFit program that Coach Phil writes.

To be a competitive CrossFit athlete you will need to set goals and work to achieve those goals. This will include performing more than a standard day’s programing.  But, only you know how your body feels. It is your responsibility to perform adequate preparation and recovery, and to know when you should train or rest.


Tuesday – January 3rd

Some of the 11am class just hanging around.

For time: *30 minute cap
1k row
200′ burpee broad jump
30 power snatch #115/75
40 box jump over (use highest box that you safely can)
30 power snatch #115/75
200′ burpee broad jump
1k row

*A box jump over is as it sounds, jumping over a box without contacting it.


Monday – January 2

Welcome to the new year folks! With it we will see a new series of challenges and achievements. We’ve moved forward with the creation of a new website! head over to to check it out!
  • Strength:

10 minutes alternating OTM:
5-10 strict ring dip
15-25 second L-hang

  • WOD:

For time:
Chest to bar
Overhead squat #95/65