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Monday – April 17th

7 superset rounds on a 2 minute clock:
3 deadlift (start at 70% of 1RM and ascend. Do 3 controlled touch and go reps and set the bar down after the 3rd rep. NO DROPS!)
1-4 strict muscle up (work a set of muscle up transitions or a set of strict pullups that takes no more than 30 seconds.)
*If you missed last Friday, spend 15 minutes establishing a 1RM deadlift.

12 minute AMRAP:
42 double under (1 minute of work)
14 bar facing burpee
7 front squat #155/105


Sunday – April 15th

Mo and Tammy knocking out their weighted abmat situps from “Our Deck of Cards”.

Happy Easter!
11am – WOD
12pm – WOD

6 superset rounds with 1 minute rest between. Ascend in weight:
5 dumbbell strict press
5 upright dumbbell row

For time:
25 push press #95/75
25 GHD situp
400m run
15 clean #135/95
10 handstand pushup
15 clean #135/95
400m run
25 GHD situp
25 push press #95/75

Post WOD:
5 rounds not for time, rest between rounds:
20 seconds max effort Air Dyne
10 weighted lunge (5 each leg, in place)
10 weighted pushup


Saturday – April 15th

Great work Jody (and everyone else) on some awesome deadlift PRs. Get ready to work this number up the next couple of months!

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Bring A Friend WOD

Partner WOD:
“Our Deck of Cards”
30 minutes to complete:
Hearts – burpee onto a plate
Diamonds – abmat situp and toss #30/20
Clubs – dumbbell/kettlebell snatch (use weight that you can move well and in relatively large sets)
Spades – goblet squat (use your kettlebell, dumbbell or slam ball as needed)
*Card value dictates the number of reps to be completed, face cards = 20 reps, aces = 30 reps. The first card will be the queen of hearts (20 burpee) and at the call of 3-2-1-Go you complete the 20 burpees. As the first team to finish the 20 burpees another card will be pulled and the work to be completed with be shouted out. The cards will be laid out in order, if you fall behind the leaders you can simply check the card order and value and keep working. One person works while one person rests. Teams have 30 minutes to work through the entire deck.


Friday – April 14th

Yesterday was a bear of a workout!

15 minutes to establish a 1RM deadlift
*Last completed 10-3-16

For time:
30 clean and jerk #135/95
*In this workout clean refers to a category of movement. Power cleans are accepted and recommended.
*Last completed 5-13-16.


Thursday – April 13th

Brandon tossing around his power clean and jerks during the 8 minute AMRAP.

WOD: *35 minute cap
3 rounds for time:
15 power snatch #95/65
200′ bear crawl
25 toes to bar
30 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′


Wednesday – April 12th

Mickey pushing his comfort zone and launching himself 30″ across a box 24″ tall! Great work pushing yourselves on those box jump overs today guys and gals!

10×2 split jerk (start moderately light and build to heaviest weight possible)

8 min AMRAP:
15 deadlift #165/110
10 handstand pushup
1 power clean and jerk #165/110
*Deadlift and handstand pushup numbers do not change. The power clean and jerk increases by 1 rep each round.

-Rest 2 minutes

4 minute AMRAP:
Same system that is listed above. Continue exactly where you left off at the end of the 8 minute AMRAP.


Tuesday – April 10th

Stephen entering the gym one final time to finish off his first “Helen” of the year!

For time: *20 minute cap
30 push press #95/65
30 pullup
30 box hop 24/20″
20 push press #115/75
20 chest to bar pullup
20 box over 24×30/20×30″
10 push press #135/95
10 bar muscle up
10 box jump over 24/20″ (use a length that is difficult for you to jump straight over, it’s only 10 reps and they should be aggressive efforts)

Post WOD at 25 minutes on the clock:
For time:
50 bar facing burpee