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Monday – September 25th

Hello! My name is Yumi. You’ll see me in the gym when Coach Phil is running the morning classes. I’m very friendly and I love being petted. But, please only pet me if all my paws are on the floor… I’m trying to learn self control!

5 rounds on a 3 minute clock:
5 strict press build to a 5RM

7 minute AMRAP:
5 kettlebell swing #70/53
5 burpee box over 24×18/20×24″
10 kettlebell swing
10 burpee box over
15, 20…


Sunday – September 24th

Brian and Waldo getting all synced up! The rest of the team series goes down today!

9am – WOD
10am – WOD
11am – WOD

Team Series Event 2:
For time: *15 minute cap
120 double under (each)
120 chest to bar pullup
120 hang power snatch #95/65
120 double under (each)
*The chest to bar pullups and hang power snatches must be completed 15 reps at a time, alternating partners at the end of each 15 reps set.

At 25 minutes on the clock start:
Team Series Event 3:
For time: *12 minute cap
50 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′ (synchronized)
30 clean #135/95
50 wall ball shot (synchronized)
20 clean #185/135
50 wall ball shot (synchronized)
10 clean #225/155
*Clean refers to a category of movement, power cleans are both accepted and advised.


Saturday – September 23rd

Here you go folks! Grab a partner and come on in to start the 2017 CrossFit Team Series! Each of the workouts has a scaled version as there is a scaled category for this competition, and anyone who needs further scaling, we will be happy to accommodate!

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Bring a Friend!

Team Series Event 1:
For time: *no time cap
Thruster #95/65
Bar facing burpee
*Reps must be synchronized for competing teams and experienced CrossFitters. First time CrossFitters and other relative “Newbies” will have one person working while one person rests to accumulate all the reps for the workout.

At 20 minutes on the clock start:
Team Series Event 4:
For time: *no time cap
100 calorie row
100 toes to bar
*Each athlete must perform at least 20 toes to bar.


Friday – September 22nd

SO1 Joshua Thomas Harris, 36, drowned during combat operations, August 30th 2008 in Afghanistan. He is survived by his parents Dr. Sam and Evelyn Harris, his brother Ranchor and twin sister Kiki.

“Mr. Joshua”
5 rounds for time:
400m run
30 GHD situp
15 deadlift #250/165

*Last programmed 5-3-2017


Thursday – September 21st

A little barbell meditation to start the day off right!

7 sets on a 2 minute clock:
2 push presses with 4-5 second strict press negatives

For time:
Hang power snatch #75, 95, 115/ 55, 65, 75


Wednesday – September 20th

Zack went on to add 10 more pounds and do another successful rep!

6×2 sumo deadlift (touch and go, control the second rep to the floor with a 4-5 second negative, work with ascending loads to the heaviest weight that you can control to the floor without losing proper position.)

For time: *15 minute cap
Bar muscle up (scale = 2x knees to elbow)
3x wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′
10x single skip


Tuesday – September 19th

Darryl working on his all important hip mobility before taking on 144 squats and lunges in “Loredo”.

7 sets, on a 2 minute clock:
1 weighted strict ring dip (build to a 1RM)
OR (depending on ability)
7 sets of 3 negatives or 5 strict dips

Every 30 seconds for 20 minutes:
3 power clean and jerk at 50% of your 1RM clean and jerk