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**Wednesday – March 14th**


**Wednesday – March 14th**

The final athlete who rose to the occasion this past Saturday was Tom, who got his first 2 muscle ups in the closing minutes of 18.3!

For time: *10 minute cap
Strict handstand pushup
Strict pullup
*If your max sets of strict pullups OR strict handstand pushups are under 10 reps, then start at 7 and work your way down.

For time: *15 minute cap
20 bar facing burpee
15 snatch #115/80
40 bar facing burpee
10 snatch #145/100
60 bar facing burpee
5 snatch #175/120
*For this workout “snatch” refers to a category of movement. Power snatches are accepted and advised while the weight permits.

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