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**Wednesday – January 31st**


**Wednesday – January 31st**

Guys and gals, The Hammy is coming to Kent Ohio May 19th! We had a bunch of you come down to support this great cause last year, and we are hoping to bring even more people in this year!

I encourage all of you to do it as prescribed (or as close to is as possible). That being said it would be wise to bring extra socks and shoes and probably an athletic jacket to wear on the run.

“The Hammy”
For time:
1k row
7 clean and jerk #135/95
50 pushup
7 clean and jerk
50 Abmat situp
7 clean and jerk
50 box hop
7 clean and jerk
50 pullup
7 clean and jerk
1k run (A 1k row may be substituted. BUT, before you make that substitution, I encourage you to see the sacrifice made by this young man. Ask yourself if a couple minutes of cold and discomfort comes anywhere close to the sacrifice that he made and the hole that was left with those close to him when he passed.)

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