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**Wednesday – August 8th**


**Wednesday – August 8th**

Building a powerful kip that starts in the core and the lats is key in advancing the pullup, toe to bar and bar muscle up. Perfect the gymnastics kip and you will go far!

10 sets of 3-7 kipping stiff leg raises
*Do 2 kips before your first raise. keep legs straight and maintain a smooth single set while raising as high as you are able each rep.

4 rounds:
2:30 amrap to get as far as possible:
1 rope climb
5 power clean 155/105
10 front squat
15 pullup
10 box hop 30/24″
5 snatch
100m shuttle run (use 55′ course and do 3 laps)
*1 minute rest between round s (restart the round at the beginning each time)

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