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**Tuesday – May 8th**


**Tuesday – May 8th**

A cooldown doesn’t need to be complicated. Do a light row or go for a walk. Bring your heart rate down while moving. If you really want to optimize your recovery, then cap that off with some static stretching before you leave!

For time:
Clean and jerk 80% of 1RM
*Start the WOD with 200m run, and run 200m to finish each round.

Post WOD:
Pick your poisons:
10×20 second sprint, rest 1 minute between efforts.
*Options are:
Bike (Concept 2)
Fan Bike (Assault or Rogue)
**Suggest that you try to match up with someone who is the same size so you can alternate on a machine without having to change settings. Use at least 2 different machines in the 10 efforts. Scores don’t count… EFFORT does!

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