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Thursday – January 9th


Thursday – January 9th

Thank you all for helping us get Kelsey exceed her goal of 500$ in donations to help local animal shelters!

4×5 build to a 5RM
*Use the time between sets to work on hamstring and hip mobility and clear out your overhead position.

Gymnastics Skill:
20 small sets of a handstand drills (perform small rounds moving between drills and resting, focus on moving deliberately and with more control):
5x wall climb
5x 8-16 shoulder taps (facing the wall)
5x box circles (5 steps to the right, 5 back to the left)
5x short distance handstand walk (spotted or unassisted, scale to a 10-15 second handstand hold attempting to generate balance and control through the wrists and separate from the wall or a spotter)

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