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Thursday – August 29th


Thursday – August 29th

They just keep coming in! Brad is our newest edition, but he’s not new to CrossFit and clearly not new to putting out effort!

10 minutes OTM:
5 power clean and jerk
*This is intended to be done with touch and go reps. Use a weight that allows you to get through without any drops. Suggested around 60% of 1RM clean and jerk.

Post WOD Gymnastics:
Muscle up drills or small practice sets of muscle ups
Banded ring transitions:
Sit below a pullup bar where the rings are hung, start with a false grip and pull the rings down and through the armpits then press out the “dip”.
Leg assisted transitions:
Start seated or kneeling and use your legs to assist you up and through the transition of the rep then continue to press out the dip.
Feet on box “kip” asisted:
Start with your feet on a box as if you are about to perform a very difficult ring row. Dip your hips toward the ground and then “kip” them up and pull the rings towards them. As the body rises, pull the rings into the armpits and “catch” the transition then press out the dip.

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