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This Weekend and the CrossFit Team Series!


This Weekend and the CrossFit Team Series!

Do you have a partner yet?

It’s here! The CrossFit Team Series is back! This year you don’t need a team of 4, but only a partner to compete! Pairing may be same sex or mixed gender, and we will be doing the workouts this weekend!

Saturday we will have our regular hours and will be completing:

Team Series Event 1:
For time: *no cap
Thruster #95/65
Bar facing burpee
*Reps must be synchronized for competing teams and experienced CrossFitters. First time CrossFitters and other relative “Newbies” will have one person working while one person rests to accumulate all the reps for the workout.


Team Series Event 4:
For time: *no time cap
100 calorie row
100 toes to bar
*Each athlete must perform at least 20 toes to bar.

Sunday Luke is adding a 9am class so that anyone who wants to get it in early (before the browns game) can do their thing! Classes will be completing:

Team Series Event 2:
For time: *15 minute cap
120 double under (each)
120 chest to bar pullup
120 hang power snatch #95/65
120 double under (each)
*The chest to bar pullups and hang power snatches must be completed 15 reps at a time, alternating partners at the end of each 15 reps set.


Team Series Event 3:
For time: *12 minute cap
50 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′ (synchronized)
30 clean #135/95
50 wall ball shot (synchronized)
20 clean #185/135
50 wall ball shot (synchronized)
10 clean #225/155
*Clean refers to a category of movement, power cleans are both accepted and advised.

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