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Sunday – September 8th


Sunday – September 8th

9am – WOD
10am – WOD

On September 11th, 2001 a series of terrorist attacks were launched on US soil. 1,997 people lost their lives as extremist brought down 4 planes and destroyed the World Trade Centers in New York City. Of those killed, most were innocent civilians, but 343 were firefighters and 71 were law enforcement officers who lost their lives while responding to the attacks. This workout is written in memory of this tragic day, the lives lost and the countless more effected.

9/11 Memorial WOD:
For time:
2001m run
11 box hop 30/24”
11 thruster 125/85#
11 burpee
11 chest to bar pullup
11 power clean 170/115#
11 handstand pushup
11 kettlebell swing 70/53#
11 toes to bar
11 deadlift 170/115#
2001m row

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