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**Sunday – March 25th**


**Sunday – March 25th**

Working on some new Concepts (pun intended).

10am – WOD
11am – WOD

If you need to do/re-do 18.5, please come in early, coordinate with a judge, and get it done!

5 minute AMRAP:
Burpee box over 24×20/20×24″

5 minute rest

4 minute AMRAP:
Power clean #140/100

4 minute rest

3 minute AMRAP:
Wall balls 20/14 to 10/9′

3 minute rest

2 minute AMRAP:
GHD sit-ups

2 minute rest

1 minute AMRAP:
Kettlebell snatch alternating arm #53/35

10 minutes of mobility work

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