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Sunday – January 15th


Sunday – January 15th

Nitsa’s final meters in a painful 1k!

10am – WOD
11am – WOD

Part 1
5×3 Front Squat, on a 2 Minute Clock. Start at 65% of 1RM and ascend to 80% by the end of 5 sets.

Front Squat Demo

Part 2
5×3 Clean Grip Deadlift, on a 2 Minute Clock. Start at 90% of 1RM Clean and ascend to 110% by the end of 5 sets.

Deadlift Demo

Open Workout 13.4
7 Minute AMRAP:
3 clean and jerks 135/95
3 toes to bar
6 clean and jerks 135/95
6 toes to bar
9 Clean and jerks
9 toes to bar

*Continue adding 3 reps to each movement each round until 7 minutes is reached. In this workout “clean” identifies a category of movement. Power cleans are advised.

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