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**Sunday – December 23rd**


**Sunday – December 23rd**

Now that the fear has passed, I would like to use these photos to reflect on the fantastic job you all did attacking the 5k row benchmarks! Several of you, these two included, put up PRs on this daunting effort! Keep attacking what you dislike until it begins to dislike you!

“Deck the Halls” OR “Haul the Deck”?
In teams, with a shuffled deck of cards, perform the # of reps of movements assigned to suits. Teammates move together and must wait until everyone on the team has completed the movement before flipping the card and performing the next movement. Team who finishes their deck first gets the honors.
Kettlebell swing 53/35#
Barbell front squat 45/35#
Barbell strict press
Jokers: run AS A TEAM to the corner of 23rd Street and back.

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