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Saturday – March 11th


Saturday – March 11th

Finally we get a break from the dumbbells as 17.3 brings us chest to bar pullups and snatches! Check out the full description of the movement standards before you come in Saturday so you know what to expect. We will be opening the gym at 8:30am so people can get in and begin to warm up. Remember to sign up for a heat and get yourself coordinated with a judge.
We will be running heats at:

Open 17.3
On a running clock:
Before 8 minutes complete:
3 rounds:
6 chest to bar
6 snatch #95/65
And 3 rounds:
7 chest to bar
5 snatch #135/95
Then, before 12 minutes complete:
3 rounds:
8 chest to bar
4 snatch #185/135
Then, before 16 minutes complete:
9 chest to bar
3 snatch #225/155
Then, before 20 minutes complete:
10 chest to bar
2 snatch #245/175
Then, before 24 minutes complete:
11 chest to bar
1 snatch #265/185

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