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Saturday – April 27th


Saturday – April 27th

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Bring a Friend

Sometimes you just need to get into the gym and assault your body a little bit!

Team WOD:
In teams of 3:
For time:
3k row (500m splits)
120 kettlebell snatch 53/35# (10’s splits) (5L/5R)
240 goblet squat (20’s splits)
360 abmat situp (30’s splits)
3k row
*This workout is meant to be done Kongo line style. You must do the listed split before handing off to your teammate who then does the same and so on. All 3 people will end up doing the same volume of work but at different intensities and with different scales. For this workout we would like you to partner with 2 other people who you do not know or haven’t worked with before. Make some friends and have some fun!

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