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Saturday – April 15th


Saturday – April 15th

Great work Jody (and everyone else) on some awesome deadlift PRs. Get ready to work this number up the next couple of months!

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Bring A Friend WOD

Partner WOD:
“Our Deck of Cards”
30 minutes to complete:
Hearts – burpee onto a plate
Diamonds – abmat situp and toss #30/20
Clubs – dumbbell/kettlebell snatch (use weight that you can move well and in relatively large sets)
Spades – goblet squat (use your kettlebell, dumbbell or slam ball as needed)
*Card value dictates the number of reps to be completed, face cards = 20 reps, aces = 30 reps. The first card will be the queen of hearts (20 burpee) and at the call of 3-2-1-Go you complete the 20 burpees. As the first team to finish the 20 burpees another card will be pulled and the work to be completed with be shouted out. The cards will be laid out in order, if you fall behind the leaders you can simply check the card order and value and keep working. One person works while one person rests. Teams have 30 minutes to work through the entire deck.

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