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Monday – June 8th


Monday – June 8th

We can open early again! So, here is our schedule for this week:
5:30am – class
6:30am – class
7:30am – class
8:30 – 11:00am – open gym
11:00am – class
12:00pm – class
2:30pm – class
3:30pm – class
4:30pm – class
5:30pm – class
6:30pm – class

Accessory work:
4 superset rounds:
5 I,T,Y raises on crossover bands or bent over with light weights
5 birddog tuck to extension (each side)

3 rounds for reps, rest 1 minutes between rounds:
3 minutes box hop
2 minutes toes to bar, GHD situp or V-up
1 minute thruster (split relatively evenly between your arms if you are using dumbbell or kettlebell at home)

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