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Monday – January 14th


Monday – January 14th

We bought a Theragun a few months back for the gym. It’s housed up front by the milk crate full of lacrosse balls and other mobility tools. This is a great tool for digging into muscles to release some of those ever pesky knots that we all develop. Please treat it well and pop the batteries on the charger when they run out!

Mystery Monday:
We will be attacking one of our benchmark workouts. One of those right in the middle ones that has most of you working for 10-15 minutes hopefully!

Post WOD:
10 rounds on a 90 second clock:
Power snatch
Snatch balance
Hang snatch
*Start with a weight that you will be able to use for all 10 rounds. You may go up as the rounds continue, but ideally you will only increase 1 or 2 times.

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