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**Friday – July 20th**


**Friday – July 20th**

First things first, Shelly, I apologize for this photo. Second, I want to congratulate you! One of my favorite parts of being a coach is that moment I get to see an athlete crush their perceived limitations! Before this workout Shelly told me that she hadn’t ever used a 24″ box for box hops in a workout. After trying a few reps and realizing she COULD, Shelly went on to do all 30 burpee box hops onto this 24″ box!

5 superset rounds on a 3 minute clock:
2 back squat (work up from 75% of 1RM)
5 pullup negatives

10 rounds for time: *15 minute cap
2 wall climb
8 front squat #135/95
16 GHD situp

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