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**Friday – August 17th**


**Friday – August 17th**

Allow me to introduce Gabe! Looks like this guy came out of OnRamp ready for some pain and suffering!

20 minutes working the double under
Attempt to perform controlled sets with however much rest you need between sets.

If you are a more advanced jumper do:
5-10×50-100 double under (pick a number and stick to it), and rest 1 minute between sets.
Flight simulator
*Cap yourself at 600 double unders

For time:
10 power clean and jerk 135/95#
5 snatches
8 power clean and jerk
4 snatches
6 power clean and jerk
3 snatches
4 power clean and jerk
2 snatches
2 power clean and jerk
1 snatch

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