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**Friday – August 10th**


**Friday – August 10th**

Almost there! Just 18.5 next Monday and the Open Retest will be over! Who’s ready to PR some back squats and cleans?

Open 18.4
For time: *9 minute time cap
21 deadlift 225/155#
21 handstand pushup
15 deadlift
15 handstand pushup
9 deadlifts
9 handstand pushup
21 deadlift 315/205#
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlift
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlift
50-ft. handstand walk

Post WOD:
Attempt to do UNBROKEN:
50 dumbbell hang clean and push press
*Use a weight that you think gives you a 90+% chance of success. If you choose to set the dumbbells down, or rest in any position for more than 5 seconds, then you must do 20 dumbbell squats before resuming the 50.

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